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What makes this coaching different?


choose your goals, based on your

inner voice


transform your goals into small daily habits


implement your habits with the help of an accountability partner


one week try out

49 EUR

1 x individual coaching

daily whats app support

7 days implementation

promotion price

666 EUR

4 x individual coaching

(every 2 weeks)

whatsapp support

66 days implemention 

66 day goal challenge

promotion price

1499 EUR

12 x individual coaching

(every 2 weeks)

whatsapp support

180 days implemention 

6 months goal challenge



I attended the "90 day goal challenge" monitored by Natalie and it was a
huge success for me.
Not only did Natalie make us define our personal goals but also made us
formulate pathways to achieve these goals.
She supervised our little group every fortnight and helped us to stay
Her empathic personality makes it easy to open up and I wholeheartedly
recommend her to coach any kind of undertaking.


I met Natalie for the first time in July at the 90 day challenge. She had such a lovely manner with the group right from the beginning and with ease got us all to know each other very quickly and share our goals. I started off ok but didn't really keep on track. At every meeting when we shared how we had got on Natalie never made anyone feel bad for not doing what they said they would. She always encouraged everyone.
She also ensured that there was lots of group chat, sharing ideas and offering advice.
Anyone wanting to achieve a goal and is struggling should contact Natalie straight away.
Thanks to you Natalie I am now on track (eventually) and have lost 5.5 kilos.
Good Luck with helping others achieve their goals.


A 90 day goal challenge with Natalie was very successful for me. With all her empathy she leads excellent and motivated me very well so I really can recommend her to work with to find the right solution.


It was a pleasure to take part in Natalie Elfers’ 90 Day Goal Challenge.
I have been neglecting my writing for some time and Natalie formed a small group and helped us to recognise the challenges and obstacles to achieving our goals and discuss ways of overcoming these problems in a positive way.
I found Natalie to be a very empathetic coach who has a wealth of life experience to draw from, which makes her both realistic yet inspiring. She is good at bringing people together and drawing the best out of them. She is a clear and organised communicator.
I would like to continue working with Natalie on a one-to-one basis as I believe she has all the qualities of a great coach and mentor.

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